When you call 0411 969 778, you will speak to the service manager/owner directly: not a call centre agent. We’re proudly 100% independent. As a locally owned and managed Australian company you’re serviced by people you’ve met.

Because no two properties are exactly the same, we always meet you on site in order to understand your particular requirements and standards. Only then are we able to provide you with a tailored cleaning and maintenance solution that suits your budget and working conditions.


We’re dedicated to ensuring your business space is cleaned to a standard the meets (and exceeds) your expectations, which is why we have processes in place dedicated to achieving this. From our client comms book to our Client Relationship Manager, as well as phone call checkups in between, we make sure we’re on the front foot so you can always feel heard.

We’re continually upgrading our technology and systems in the background to do the operational heavy lifting for us, so that when we’re speaking with you or cleaning your property, we can focus on delivering exceptional service. Our technology and systems support our cleaners once on site by streamlining their reporting and job completions.  We want them spending their time cleaning your property, not filling out paperwork.


There’s a relaxed confidence that comes with having a clean, hygienic and continuously fresh office or factory.  clients and staff don’t necessarily know when the workplace is clean, but they sure do when it’s not!  When your cleaning and maintenance is delivered on time every time you can get on with your business.


Don’t pay for a service that needs to cover call centre staff and heavy administration. Technology and systems enable us to work smarter, improve efficiency and pass on the most competitive pricing to our clients.

Commitment to ongoing innovation improves the quality of your results through:

  • Remote monitoring and GPS tracking for accountability, compliance and reliability
  • Cloud based reporting to deliver on tailored client standards
  • Online staff induction and skills update training to ensure we remain on top of the latest OH&S procedures and cleaning methodologies


Our team don’t set foot onto a client site until they’ve undertaken our induction program covering the most up-to-date industry standards, OHS requirements and our own customer service expectations. When you’re trusting us with your property assets, we have a responsibility to ensure your cleaner deserves that trust. Our recruitment process includes rigorous background checks, including police checks. Cleaning techniques can be trained, but character cannot.

Site audit results identify areas for professional development, continuous improvement to service delivery and to reward high standards. Because our team are employed, trained and remunerated well, they take pride in doing their best, knowing they’re working for a company that cares about them. We build long term relationships with our cleaners to ensure our clients enjoy continuity of service from people who genuinely care.